Brewing Intermediate

Brewing Intermediate


SCA Brewing Intermediate Course (2 Days) 

COURSE HOURS : 14 hours (including instruction and practical time)

The course is accredited under Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) and conducted by authorised trainer AST. The SCA certificate is a professional standard recognised in the coffee industry.


Designed to introduce the concept of scientifically measuring coffee extraction and to explore the elements of coffee brewing

Brewing intermediate helps the coffee professional manipulate brew techniques to improve coffee quality. 

All coffee brewed during this course will be measured and charted by the AST for Strength and Extraction. 

Allow for discussion and questions. 

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE : Brewing Foundation


*Our course fee does not include SCA’s course enrolment fee €50. SCA introduced new accreditation enrolment in Feb 2023. Course fee and SCA’s enrolment fee will be paid separately.
*If you want to get a SCA certificate. First you have to register our course and pay course fee here, and provide your learner ID (register here) . You will then receive notice from SCA to pay the course enrolment fee. You have to pay the enrolment fee directly to SCA before the course date. Otherwise you can still attend the course without accreditation, but you cannot attend the exam and will not get a SCA certificate.
*Course fee is not refundable once booked, schedule and resource is occupied. If you foresee any change in advance we will try our best to reschedule to next available class, subject to availability and admin fee.