SCA Brewing Intermediate Course - Aug 26 – 27

SCA Brewing Intermediate Course - Aug 26 – 27

We hold the SCA Brewing Intermediate course on 26-27 Aug 2022. Let us know if you are interested.

Developing skills for experienced professional, shop manager. Progressing skills and knowledge to your next step in career, opening your coffee shop, this is what you need. Good for those who are eager to know how to make progress to next step in coffee profession.

SCA's Brewing Intermediate Course (2 Day)

Build up coffee skills through practical and theoretical training. To develop competency to make a great espresso-based coffee to next level professionally.


Designed to introduce the concept of scientifically measuring coffee extraction and to explore the elements of coffee brewing Brewing intermediate helps the coffee professional manipulate brew techniques to improve coffee quality. All coffee brewed during this course will be measured and charted by the AST for Strength and Extraction. Allow for discussion and questions.

PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE : Brewing Foundation