Our Facebook Page is DOWN !

Our Facebook Page is DOWN !

The BEST app locked my FACEBOOK account as I don't save its cookies in browser

(obviously they want to know me better for GOOD). I asked help from 3 friends (out of 7 it generously gave me) to confirm me is me.


***UPDATE 2022-10-27 : Thanks for those who confirmed the "looking like SCAM" message, one even visited us face to face to make sure it's not scam. Thanks for your help ! Soooo, after all these, I was told I am PROTECTED so account is locked. THANK YOU SO MUCH !

***UPDATE 2022-10-28 : Thank you for those who confirmed the scam like message. I am so sorry to trace one by one. No matter the friends confirmed on time. Fart book give a new challenge "use the same browser" (which we did. Just no cookies stored). Anyway, may be it is our chance to stop using the evil media ;-) Cheers !