2x Roasters'Choice - in the mood of adventure

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Roaster's Choice : In every month roaster pick the seasonal and new coffee for you. You are of adventurous attitude. This is our job and profession to try and select good coffee. Our Discovery subscription will deliver what you want.

We will deliver coffee of different countries. Without travelling round the world, you will try various gourmet coffee of different region. All coffee are single origin, aka they are good. From time to time we will offer coffee of higher value than this price level would offer. Other time we will offer new coffee of different profile. You need to have more acceptance and tolerance, i.e., adventurous.

Coffee is not one thing. It will shows you how different coffee can be. But please note, it also means - if you usually drink one coffee, or espresso only, example, a good strong coffee to wake you up. Make no mistake, go TRADITIONAL. It cannot go wrong.

Good For: Hand-brewed, V60, Clemex, filtered coffee, coffee in black. Mostly medium light, sometimes dark roast. For adventurers with tolerance who appreciate difference.

* Whole bean or Ground - By default we send whole bean. We also offer espresso ground and filtered ground. For good reason I believe many like whole bean and grind themselves.

** Most coffee are light-medium, medium, to medium-dark roast. They are of their optimum imho. We do not offer choice of roast level.

*** Subscription payment recurs every month automatically through Direct Debit. It is protected by Direct Debit arrangement in UK.