Barista Training in Birmingham


Barista Training in Birmingham

Barista Skills Foundation - Course Only - 5-FEB-2022

Barista Skills Foundation

Course Only
SCA Course:

Coffee Training - SCA Barista Skills Foundation Course (1 Day)

New to coffee? This one day class will deliver essential knowledge of what makes a good barista. We will cover core skills required to deliver barista menu.


  • Essential coffee knowledge: coffee origin, Arabicas VS Robusta, how to store and preserve coffee Grind, dose, extract and brew a good cup of espresso: following a set of steps of industry standard
  • Milk technique: how to steam different milk textures, which is the base of espresso based drinks Barista menu: learn barista menu and how to make them
  • Workspace management: hygiene, health, safety, machine cleaning and basic maintenance


No prerequisite required

*The course is accredited under SCA’s Coffee Skills Program curriculum, and conducted by AST/ SCA authorised trainer. Student who selected certificate option and successfully completed the course/ passed the examination, will be awarded the SCA certificate. The SCA certificate is a professional standard recognised in the coffee industry.

**The course fee includes SCA accreditation and examination. SCA certificate will be issued to students who successfully passed the course and exam. However if you select incorrect certificate option or SCA member type, you may not be issued certificate until correct course fee is paid.