Barista Skills Intermediate - SCA Member - 17&18-DEC-2022

Barista Skills Intermediate

From £490.00
SCA Member
SCA Course:

SCA Barista Skills Intermediate Course (2 Days) 

Build up coffee skills through practical and theoretical training. To develop competency to make a great espresso-based coffee to next level professionally. 


  • Look more deeply into coffee beans, blends to single origins, Bourbons to Caturras 
  • Look at workspace and work flow for an optimum layout Refine your espresso skills and dial in a specific recipe Deliver sets of drinks to specification 
  • Test your knowledge and skill with a series of written and practical assessments


Barista Foundation. This course is aimed at experienced baristas looking to refine their skillset.

*The course is accredited under SCA’s Coffee Skills Program, and conducted by AST/ SCA authorised trainer. SCA Certificate is an option which SCA would charge the students for its accreditation. SCA accreditation fee ranges from EUR 80 to EUR 340.
**Student who selected for the certificate option - SCA Certificate, and successfully completed the course/ passed the examination, will be awarded the SCA certificate. The SCA certificate is a professional standard recognised in the coffee industry. However if you select incorrect certificate option or SCA member type, you may not be issued certificate until correct course fee is paid.
**The certificate option - Course Only - does not include SCA accreditation. This is the course only option, for those who don't need accreditation. The course content is the same, but students would not attend SCA examination.