HARIO V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper Red - Size 01

HARIO V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper Red - Size 01


HARI0 V6O Coffee Dripper - Plastic - Red - Size 01

Affordability and Functionality

You want a decent V60 but thought they may be too expensive. We believe good brand goes with good price. This product gives you all you expected, in reasonable price. Affordable, reliable but not compromised, it honestly delivered a good coffee when you need. Do not forget to buy also the Hario paper filters.

Original - V60 Plastic Coffee Dripper Design

Lightweight, functional, the plastic V60 plastic dripper certainly has its advantages. Because it has a body made from plastic it is strong and lightweight, making it ideal for you to bring it for traveling or adventures. Safe materials and good design from original V60 inventor company, nothing you should expect more. No compromise and produce exactly the same delicious coffee every time.

Additional Information:

  • Dimensions: W115 × D100 × H82mm
  • 1 - 2 Cup Capacity
  • Dishwasher Safe

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